Mr. Yogendra Sarogi


A detailed review for potential furniture seekers. I have ordered most of furniture at my place from Ahaa over a period of time. I have been a loyal customer for 3-4 primary reasons 1. Top notch quality - they use imported teak or beach wood or extremely good quality plywood depending on the type of furniture required. The upholstery is D'decor or similar brands. No compromise on materials used. 2. Transparency - you get what you pay for. I can trust them completely basis all my past experiences. If I order teak wood, I will get teak wood even in the unseen parts of furniture. They also let you do a factory inspection where you can see your furniture being made. Its a guided tour. 3. Finishing - one has to see it to actually understand this aspect. They have really good carpenters and designs in books are exactly represented in actual furniture. 4. Price - this is a shop for someone who wants good quality furniture that is built to last. Considering the overall quality of material used, finishing and customer support (yes, even post sales), the offering is value for money. I realise it more when recently I tried to get similar quality furniture done myself by a Carpentar at home. It was turning out to be only a fraction cheaper with no assurance of finish. A must try for people looking for solid wood quality furniture. Disclaimer - I am just a very happy and satisfied customer of Ahaa (delighted as the name says). Promoting them as they are actually doing good job. No other interest whatsoever in writing this review.